Meaning and Origin of Aidan

Aidan is a Celtic name that has been used for centuries, but that was not listed as one of the most popular names recently.

The meaning of Aidan comes from a word that means “little fiery one”. It is a boy name that is simple, yet has a bit of character to it, given all of the people that have been named Aidan over the years.

The Welsh spelling of the name is Aeddan, as in Aeddan ap Blegywryd who was the Prince of Gwynedd in the 11th Century in medieval Wales.

Famous People Called Aidan

There are many celebrities and public figures with the name Aidan, and one that is notable is Aidan Gillen, an Irish actor. Aidan Chambers is an English author, and Aidan McGeady is a sports player from Scotland.

Popularity of the Name

This name has been used across the globe, and although the popularity of Aidan is not too high, there are still many children being named it every year. There are people being named Aidan all across Europe, and there are people in the United States being named Aidan, as well. Many celebrities have the name, and it is a great choice for any parent who wants to pick a name that is somewhere between unique and highly popular.

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