Name Alun

Alun is a Welsh boy’s name. Here you’ll find the meaning, popularity and famous people with the first name Alun.

Meaning of the Name Alun

Was a hero of the ancient kingdom of Dyfed. Alun is also the name a river in Flintshire in North Wales.

Popularity of Alun

Alun is not in the latest list of the 100 top names for babies in Wales in 2011. However, it is common to find people called Alun in Welsh communities.

Famous People with the Name Alun

Here is a list of celebrities or famous people with the name Alun:

  • Alun Armstrong is an English actor who starred in the television programme ‘New Tricks’.
  • Alum Michael is a Welsh politician and he was the a Secretary of state for Wales.
  • Alun Wyn Jones is a Welsh international rugby player who plays for the Ospreys.


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