Origin of Alwyn

The Alwyn name is a strong name that has traditional roots in Wales. The name is considered to be particularly male, and there are a number of famous persons who were named Alwyn. This includes professor Alwyn Young, the bishop Alwyn Rice Jones, Alwyn Schlebusch the politician, and William Alwyn the composer.

Meaning of Alwyn

The meaning of Alwyn is based off of German origin. In its original German meaning the name means “Friend”. In its original English meaning the name means “Wise Friend” and the old Teutonic meaning is “Loved By All”. In Welsh the meaning of Alwyn is means from a person named Always, which is meant to be a statement of the generousness of persons named Alwyn. The name in Welsh can also mean “Great white or blessed”, and it is commonly considered to be a male version of the name Alwen.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Alwyn is not very high, but it has become more so over the course of the past couple of decades. The name is traditionally Welsh, and most of the increased popularity has been in Wales. Despite this, the name is also becoming popular in other regions.

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