Arthur – Meaning and Origins

The meaning of Arthur is unknown. Though some speculate that it derives from two Celtic words, artos(bear) and viros(man). Many are split on where the name Arthur is originally from. Some say it is Celtic while others say it is Roman.


Arthur’s popularity began in England during the Middle Ages. But since then popularity of the name has died down drastically. The name failed to be in the top 100 boys name in Wales in 2012. The name Arthur is very popular in Belgium and France as it made the top 10 for boy names in both countries.

Famous people with the name Arthur include

King Arthur: A British king in the Arthurian legend who during the Middle Ages helped defend off invading Saxons.

  • Arthur Miller: A famous American Playwright who wrote “Death of a Salesman”.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: A famous Scottish author who is best knows for writing Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • Arthur I, Duke of Brittany: Nephew of King John of England and his rival to the throne.

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