Meaning and Popularity of the Name Arwyn

The popularity of Arwyn is not as great as many male names, as it did not make it to the list of 100 most popular names for babies in 2015 in Wales. It is a simple name, and the meaning of Arwyn is muse. It is an older name, and one that has been given to many notable people through the years.

Famous People with the Name Arwyn

Professor Arwyn Tomos Jones is one such notable person, and

Arwyn Colles the name of hills on Saturn's Moon Titan
Arwyn Colles the name of hills on Saturn’s Moon Titan

Arwyn Colles is an area of hills on Titan, which is Saturn’s largest moon. One Welsh actor has the name Arwyn Davies, and Baron Arwyn is another famous individual with the name. So, while it is not one of the most popular names, it is one that has been used often enough for everyone to recognise it. The name is a special one, and it is a Welsh and English name that has been used for years. It has been given to many notable people, and the hills on Titan, and that makes it all the more special.

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