Meaning and Origin of the Name Awstin

The name Awstin is the Welsh name for the Latin name Augustine which means the month August.

How the pronounce the name Awstin?

Awstin, can be pronounced- Ow-STihN.

Traits of people with the Name

The boy’s name Awstin brings an independence and strength. His is also respectful, has good qualities, and honest. Awstin is a strong individual, who is also ambitious as a child. He is optimistic, energetic, and he makes friends very easy. He is a very responsible person, and not cut out to work for others. When he loves, he is faithful and sensitive. He expects the same in return. His leadership qualities will produce success. The name Awstin also means August. Additionally, he focuses on important problems, his visions, and delegate authority.


As one would expect Awstin, is popular in Wales compared to other countries. This name however, was not in the top 100 boys’ names in 2015 in Wales.

Having his name, means success, generosity, and happiness. Most likely, his future will be in management, finance, or economics.

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