Meaning and Origin of the Name Barri

Barri is one of the most common boy names in Wales. The Barri name has different meanings. It could mean a grove. The meaning of Barri varies from one region to another. You could name your boy after the famous Barri Island. Also, this name could mean cornfield or a coniferous forest.

The Anglicised version of the name is Barry.


Barri was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names in Wales in 2014.

People named Barri

Barri Griffith was a professional wrestler. You may know him as mason Ryan, which was his stage name. You may know him from his participation in the World Wrestling Entertainment or from his participation in Gladiators.

Barry Bonds is also one of the world’s most popular people with the name Barri. He is a renowned baseball player. In the year 2007, Barry Bond broke the major Baseball League of 755 that had been set by Aaron. H.

Barry Williams is another popular personnel carrying this name. He is an American actor. Barry Williams is most popular for his role in the Brady Bunch which is a television series broadcasted on ABC.

Popular Places named Barri

Barry Island is in Barry, the Vale of Glamorgan. Barry Island is popular for its high tides. They go up to 15 feet.

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