Meaning and Origin of the Name Bedo

Bedo is a diminutive from the Welsh name Meredudd. So the meaning of the name is the same as Mereddd which means ‘great lord’.

Bedo is a baby boy name that is not heard too often, and it did not reach the top 100 list of baby names in Wales in 2015.

It is a simple, yet special, name, as the popularity of Bedo is not very great at all. Very few babies have been given the name recently, but a few famous people were given the name throughout the years.

Famous People Called Bedo

One of the famous people with the name Bedo was Bedo Aeddren, a Welsh poet. Bedo Brwynllys was another Welsh poet, and Bedo Phylip Bach was yet another. So, anyone who loves poets will want to think about giving this name to their new son.

The fact that this name was not used too often in recent years should attract people to it instead of pushing them away. It is a sophisticated Welsh name, and it was given to three poets who wrote some beautiful poems and will long be remembered.

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