Facts about the Name Bedwyr

The name Bedwyr, is of Welsh decent. The popularity of Bedwyr has been gaining momentum, and for good reason. The meaning of Bedwyr is actually rather unknown in origin but there is linkage to another name in welsh mythology. It should come as no surprise that there is a legend behind this name, although this name is a variant on the name Bedivere. Bedivere was one of the original companions of King Arthur and was the one that threw Excalibur back to the lady of the lake at the request of King Arthur as he lay dying.

This name is used in a masculine sense and therefore is used in the naming of males. A great name to have we would say. The tale of King Arthur is well known and the Bedwyr is largely forgotten. He too deserves his lineage being remembered through the naming of young lads in all areas of the world in present day. Bedwyr Williams is yet but one of these people that stands out in Wales with this vibrant name as he is an artist and a stand up comedian.

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