Boys Name Dylan

Boys Name Dylan

The boys name Dylan is the most popular Welsh name in Wales and according to the office of national statistic in 2010 it was in 7th position, and it was in 16th position in England and Wales behind names such as Oliver, Jack and Alifie.

The name Dylan was present in the Welsh mythology books of the Mabinogi as ‘Dylan Ail Don’ which translates into English as ‘Dylan the Second Wave’. He was particularly significant in the 4th story ‘Math fab Mathonwy’.

Dylan Thomas was the most famous person with the boy’s name Dylan. He was a Welsh poet and his most renowned works was ‘Under Milk Wood’. Bob Dylan, the American singer and song writer is almost certainly the most well known person with the surname Dylan. He has won multiple awards for his music including 11 Grammy awards and 1 Golden Globe Award to name a few.

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