Meaning of the Name Brychan

The meaning of Brychan in Wales is speckled or spotted.


The popularity of Brychan has been low in recent years, it did not even make the top 100 most popular boys names in 2015, according to the most recent government statistics and realistically you don’t hear many people with the name Brychan even in Wales.

History and Famous People with the Brychan

Even though it may not be very popular now, the name Brychan has a lot of history in Wales. There have been many famous people by that name throughout Welsh history.

The name Brychan most famously belongs to a legendary 5th century king, King Brychan. According to a 12th century poet he fought against King Arthur when King Gwynllyw abducted his daughter St. Gwladys.

Another meaning of Brychan is the saint who gave his name to Brecon, a market town in mid-Wales. Some sources suggest that the king and the saint had been the same person, even though traditional literature clearly implies a difference between the two.

A famous Brychan from more recent years would be the actor Brychan Llyr who appeared in Hinterland and Tywallt Inc/Pouring Ink.

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