Welsh Boy’s Name Bryn

Bryn is a short and sweet sounding Welsh name.  Here you will find information about the meaning and popularity of the name.


The name Bryn means hill in Welsh. The name can also be a pet form of the name Brynmor.


Bryn is a popular name, however it was not found in the top 100 baby boy’s names in Wales in the 2011 government study.

Famous People with 1st Name Bryn

We compiled a list of a few male celebrities with the first name Bryn:

  • Bryn Terfel – A Welsh opera and concert singer
  • Bryn West – A fictional character from the television series Gavin and Stacy
  • Bryn Fon – A popular Welsh language actor and singer
  • Bryn Williams – a Welsh head chef of the Odette’s Restaurant in London.

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