Meaning and Origin of the Name Caerwyn

The name Caerwyn is something special, although it is not one of the most popular Welsh boy names.

The meaning of Caerwyn is something that will make every parent want to give it to their child, as it is “fair”, “loved” and “blessed” from the name ‘wyn’ and ‘caer’ means fortress.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Caerwyn is not too great, even though it is such a special name. It did not make the most popular 100 baby boys names in 2015 (in Wales). This may be a reason that parents should want to give it to their child.

Famous People Called Caerwyn

Caerwyn Roderick was a British politician and a member of the Labour Party, and J.E. Caerwyn Williams was a Welsh scholar.

There are a few people who have had this name in the past, and it is a great name to bring around again.

It is a special name, and it is something that any parent can feel great giving to their child. The popularity of Caerwyn isn’t very great, and that is something that parents will love about it.

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