Meaning and Origin of the Name Caio

The name Caio has a long and illustrious history in Wales, and remains a popular traditional boys name among those living in the principality and those of Welsh descent. Although many versions of Caio have their origins in Brazil, the European version of the name is thought to have been made popular by members of the Roman empire who conquered much of England and Wales. The meaning of Caio is often said to be fortune, which has made this a very popular name in the country of Wales.

Variation in Spelling of the Name

Variations of the name Caio include Caeo and Cayo, which is in popular use across Wales;

Famous People and Places called Caio

There are a number of variations of the name that can be found around the world, but one of the best known uses of the name is the village of Caio in Carmarthenshire, south west Wales.

One of the best known individuals in Wales was Julian Cayo-Evans who led the Free Wales Army from the 1960s onwards.

The name remains revered across Wales and was given to The Cayo Arms hotel in the Welsh capital of Cardiff in 2000. The popularity of Caio sees it ranked in the top 1000 of names for boys in the U.K.

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