History of the Welsh name Caradog

Despite the fact that the name “Caradoc” and its different structures were in no way, shape or form exceptional amid the Middle Ages, it is plausible a percentage of the Caradocs alluded to in Welsh family histories and hagiographies such the Life of St. Tatheus are the same individual. Because of the name’s commonness impressive disarray exists about Caradoc’s character, both verifiable and abstract. He may have gotten to be mistaken for the British legend Caratacus (the Latin manifestation of Caradoc), Cerdic of Wessex and any number of British history’s later Caradocs. His parentage fluctuates from content to content; he is known as the child of Llyr Marini (conceivably inferring Llyr) a few times in the Mabinogion, and a Breton legend recognizes a Caradoc the Elder, assisting the muddling.

A few archaeologists decipher Caradog Freichfras as a conceivable chronicled figure, otherwise called Caradoc ap Ynyr, who was the leader of Gwent around the 6th century, and was based at Caerwent, the prior Roman town of Venta Silurum. They translate his name as a recognition of the prior legend Caratacus, inferring a progression of convention from the preroman society of the Silures who involved the same range in what is currently south-east Wales, and which is likewise recommended by other material.

The popularity of Caradog

In 2013 Caradog was not in the top 100 most popular boys’ names in Wales.

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