Overview of the Name Carwyn

Carwyn is a Welsh boy’s name. Here you’ll find information on the meaning, popularity and a list of famous people with the first name Carwyn.

Meaning of Carwyn

Carwyn means white or blessed love in Welsh. It is derived from the Welsh words caru meaning “love” and gwyn meaning “white, blessed.”

Popularity of Carwyn

The name Carwyn was not included in the top 100 baby boy’s names in Wales in 2012 according to the Office for National Statistics. Although Carwyn is not currently in the top 100 baby names you’ll often find a person called Carwyn in a Welsh community.

Famous People Called Carwyn

Here is a list of famous people with the name Carwyn:

  • Carwyn Jones is a Welsh politician who is the First Minister of Wales and as the Leader of Welsh Labour.
  • Carwyn James was a Welsh rugby player and coach who won two Welsh international caps.
  • Carwyn Ellis is a Welsh musician known best as the front man for the band Colorama.

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