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Origin of the name Rhydian

The Rhydian name has Welsh origins. The alternate spelling of this name is Rhidian. The name in English means “red”. The adjective of the male name Rhydian is “crimson”. The synonym of the male names Rhydian and Rhidian is “coch”.

There is a place in the Gower near Swansea called Llanrhidian which bears the name of the Saint Rhidian.

Rhydian Meaning

Possible meanings of the name.

In Welsh “Rhyd” means from or of the ford. A ford is a great place to cross a river or stream. It is where the water is shallow enough to safely wade across.

Therefore, Rhydian means, red, crimson, expert of the ford in the English language. Rhydian also means resembling “coch” or red. The Welsh names Rhydian, Rhyd and Rhidian are originally for naming a male. The word “red” signifies passion, beauty, anger, fire and sacrifice.

Other meanings for the Rhydian meaning is one that has passion, one who sacrifices, and man that is handsome. These are the English meanings of the name Rhydian, which has Welsh beginnings and meaning.


Rhydian is not currently in the 100 most popular baby boys names in Wales according to data release by the UK government.

Famous People

Rhydian Roberts is a Welsh speaking baritone singer. He shot to fame after featuring on the television programme the X Factor in 2007.

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Huw Baby Name

Huw is a popular male name especially in Wales. Discover the meaning, origin and popularity of this name.

The some reports indicate that the name Huw is German by origin, there is also another train of thought that suggests that Huw is related to the name Hywel.


Huw pronunciation is “HEW”, so it is said much like the related names of Hugh and Hue, only with a different spelling. The meaning of Huw is said to be soul, so when someone names their child Huw it can be said they are giving them their soul.

History of the Name

Although the name Huw is German, it is most commonly used in Wales and found throughout the rest of the UK, although the spelling might be different in different areas of the United Kingdom.


Huw was not in the top 100 baby names in Wales in 2012.

Famous People Called Huw

There are a small number of famous individuals throughout the history of Wales who have had the name Huw . One individual, Huw Stephens, is a Welsh radio broadcaster on the BBC. Huw Wheldon also served as a BBC broadcaster and eventually an executive in the company, although he has since passed away just over 25 years ago. Third, an other Welsh man, Huw Edwards is a BAFTA award journalist who also works for the BBC, while also producing content in a freelance nature as well.


For anyone who is looking for a unique and original baby name that is not likely going to be used heavily, Huw is an excellent name that is able to provide a desirable and classy name.

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Emyr is a charming Welsh boy’s name. This name is composed of 2 syllables Em-yr and it’s fairly easy for the non Welsh speaker to pronounce.

Meaning of Emyr

Emyr is a variant of the name Ynyr and it means ‘emperor’ or ‘king’ in Welsh.


In the study of baby boys’ names in 2012 Emyr was not in the 100 most popular Welsh names.

Famous People

Here is our list of famous people from Wales with the first name Emyr:

Although the Emyr name is not all that popular, their some men who have made the best out their name. Welsh Author, poet, and novelist Emyr Humphreys published over twenty novels and was awarded many times for his work. Humphreys also become a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature during his years of writing. Another familiar name is Emyr Lewis a international Rugby player who obtained forty one caps between the years of nineteen ninety one and nineteen ninety six. Sir Emyr Jones Perry retired a British Diplomat and is a former British Permanent Representative to the United Nations and NATO.

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Glyn is a simple but lovely Welsh boy’s name. The name can both be used as a first name but also a last name. Discover the name the wonders of the name Glyn.

Meaning and Origin of the Name

Glyn is a boys names that is short form of the Welsh name Glynd^wr. It is also reported that Glyn is the Welsh equivalent to the Scottish name Glen. Glyn is also the Welsh word of ‘valley’.

Popularity of Glyn

The name has been a popular name over the centuries however according to the latest UK government statistics Glyn is not in the 100 most popular boys’ names in Wales in 2012.

Famous People called Glyn

  • Glyn Wise – was a celebrity on the TV show Big Brother and more recently has been a presenter on the Welsh language radio station Radio Cymru.
  • Glyn Pardoe – was an English footballer who played in defence for Manchester City.
  • Glyn Jones – was a Welsh international footballer who played in goals.

Variations of the Name


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Hywel is a traditional Welsh boy’s names and although the name isn’t currently among the top 100 most popular Welsh names for boys (ONS, 2012), it’s still interesting to learn more about this name.

The Meaning of Hywel

Although Hywel is a very old name and its meaning cannot be guaranteed it reported that Hywel is a name that means “eminent” or “conspicuous.”

Famous and Notable Men named Hywel

  • Hywel Dda, or “Hywel the Good,” ruled Wales between 880 and 950 A.D. He was a well-regarded king who codified Welsh laws.
  • Hywel ab Owain Gwynedd was a 12th century Welsh prince, poet, and military leader.
  • Hywel ap Rhodri Molwynog was the King of Gwynedd for 9 years in the 9th century.
  • Saint Hywel is a minor saint from the Celtic-Christian faith of the 6th century.
  • Hywel Harris, or Howell Harris, was a Welsh Methodist during the 18th century.
  • Hywel Williams is a Plaid Cymru politician and representative for the constituency of Arfon, and former representative for the constituency of Caernarfon.
  • Hywel Bennett is a British actor of both stage and screen.
  • Hywel Gwynfryn is the Welshman who hosted the first Welsh-centric pop radio show, Helo Sut Dach Chi? on Radio Cymru.

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The Boy’s Name Gareth

Gareth is a popular boy’s name that it is popular in Wales and beyond. We discover the origins, meaning and famous people who have the name Gareth.

Popularity of the Name

Gareth is a popular name however it is not currently in the top 100 baby boys names in Wales in 2012 (data from National Audit Office).

Meaning and Origin

Gareth although it origin is uncertain there is one line of thought that suggests that Gareth the name has the same route as the Welsh name Geraint. Whilst an other source suggest the the name originate from ‘gwaraidd’ which means civilised.

Gareth was a knight in the round table according to the legendary tales of King Arthur.

Famous People

Being a popular name, there are number of famous people that are called Gareth including, Gareth Edwards the famous Welsh and Lions rugby player, Gareth Bale one of the best footballer to have played in the Premier League and Gareth Pugh who is an English fashion designer.

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Boy’s Name Dai

Dai is a common Welsh boy’s name particularly in the South Wales valleys. We’ll discover the meanings of this name, its popularity and famous people called Dai.

Meaning of Dai

Dai is normally a pet form of the name David or the Welsh name Dafydd.


Dai is not in the 100 top Welsh baby boy’s names in 2011 but often people are officially named David or Dafydd but are more commonly known as Dai to their friends and family.

Famous People

Here is our list of famous Welsh sporting people called Dai:

  • Dai Greene – is an international Welsh runner who was the captain of the British athletic team during the London Olympics in 2012.
  • Dai Young – was a Welsh international rugby player and now coaches.
  • Dai Davies – was a professional footballer who played for Wales and Swansea city.

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Discover the Welsh Name Iwan

Iwan is a lovely Welsh boy’s name.  On this page we’ve put together information on the meaning and origins of this Welsh name. You will also find information on its popularity and famous people with the first name Iwan.

Meaning of Iwan

Iwan is a Welsh name that originates from the Gaelic Irish name Eoghan which also is related to the name Owen. It is also thought that Iwan is derived from the name Ifan (that means John).


Iwan has been a popular name in Wales over the centuries.  According to the Office of National Statistics Iwan in 2011 was the 89th most popular baby boy’s name in Wales. This makes it the 19th most popular Welsh boy’s name.

Famous People

Here is our list of famous people throughout history called Iwan:

  • Iwan Thomas was a Welsh athlete who specialised in the 400m.
  • Iwan Roberts was a Welsh international footballer. He is now a sports pundit.
  • Iwan Rheon is a Welsh actor who’s appeared in E4’s Misfits.

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Dewi is one of the most famous Welsh boy’s names around because it is the name of the Patron Saint of Wales, Dewi Sant (or Saint David in English) who has his national day on March 1st.  On this page we’ll see the meaning of the name, its popularity and prominent people called Dewi.


Dewi is one of the Welsh names for the name David.


Dewi is a popular boys name and it’s hard to believe that Dewi is not currently in the top 100 baby boy’s names in Wales (data from ONS).

Famous People with the Name Dewi

Here’s our list of people with the first name Dewi:

  • Dewi Sant – The Patron Saint for Wales.
  • Dewi Pws – A Welsh actor and comedian.
  • Dewi-Prys Thomas – Was a famous Welsh architect who had a strong influence on Welsh town planning.
  • Dewi Morris – Was an English rugby international who played in the scrum half position.

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Macsen Name

Macsen is a charming Welsh boy’s name. On this webpage you will find the meaning of the name Macsen, its popularity and prominent people with the 1st name Macsen.

Meaning and Origin

Macsen is a Welsh name for Magnus.


From the latest Welsh statistics, Macsen was not in the top 100 baby names in Wales in 2011.

Famous People Called Macsen

Macsen Wledig is the Welsh name for the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus. He has legendary status in Welsh history.

Know any other famous people called Mascen post your comment at the bottom of this page.


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