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Meaning and Origin of the Name Caerwyn

The name Caerwyn is something special, although it is not one of the most popular Welsh boy names.

The meaning of Caerwyn is something that will make every parent want to give it to their child, as it is “fair”, “loved” and “blessed” from the name ‘wyn’ and ‘caer’ means fortress.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Caerwyn is not too great, even though it is such a special name. It did not make the most popular 100 baby boys names in 2015 (in Wales). This may be a reason that parents should want to give it to their child.

Famous People Called Caerwyn

Caerwyn Roderick was a British politician and a member of the Labour Party, and J.E. Caerwyn Williams was a Welsh scholar.

There are a few people who have had this name in the past, and it is a great name to bring around again.

It is a special name, and it is something that any parent can feel great giving to their child. The popularity of Caerwyn isn’t very great, and that is something that parents will love about it.

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Meaning  and Pronunciation of the Name Delwyn

The name Delwyn (pronounced Del-Win) is a Welsh boy’s name. The meaning of Delwyn in that language is godly friend. It is rather an uncommon name but still as good as it ever was.

Popularity of the Name

Delwyn was not in the top 100 Welsh baby names during 2014.

Famous People Called Delwyn

As for the popularity of Delwyn, There are three well-known people in the world who bear this name: Delwyn Sion, David John Delwyn Williams, and Delwyn Young.

  • Delwyn Sion is a Welsh musician.
  • Delwyn Williams is a British politician and solicitor, formerly of the Conservative party. He believes in UK independence from the EU and objects to David Cameron’s Prime Ministerial record. However, he disagrees with Conservatives attempting to extend tax-raising powers to the Welsh Assembly. He was a member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire from 1979 to 1983 and was succeeded by Alex Carlile.
  • Delwyn Young is a US baseball player who helped to win the Baseball World Cup in 2007 and has played 5 seasons in Major League Baseball. Delwyn Young Senior, his father, played for the Cincinnati Reds in 1981.

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Facts about the Name Bedwyr

The name Bedwyr, is of Welsh decent. The popularity of Bedwyr has been gaining momentum, and for good reason. The meaning of Bedwyr is actually rather unknown in origin but there is linkage to another name in welsh mythology. It should come as no surprise that there is a legend behind this name, although this name is a variant on the name Bedivere. Bedivere was one of the original companions of King Arthur and was the one that threw Excalibur back to the lady of the lake at the request of King Arthur as he lay dying.

This name is used in a masculine sense and therefore is used in the naming of males. A great name to have we would say. The tale of King Arthur is well known and the Bedwyr is largely forgotten. He too deserves his lineage being remembered through the naming of young lads in all areas of the world in present day. Bedwyr Williams is yet but one of these people that stands out in Wales with this vibrant name as he is an artist and a stand up comedian.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Meirion

The name Meirion is a Welsh name for a boy. The traditional name  is derived from the old country of Merionethshire which was located in North West Wales .

Some say that since it starts with an M, it tends to be a name for a boy who is very hardworking and physical as that it what the letter M stands for. It means manly as well.


The popularity of Meirion isn’t very popular, not making the top 100 chart of baby boy names in Wales (2014), but that makes it perfect when looking for a unique name of Welsh origin.

Famous People with the Name

A couple of famous people who bare the name Meirion are Meirion Jones and Meirion Pennar.

  • Meirion Jones is a British journalist who won the London Press Awards Scoop of the Year in 2013.
  • Meirion Pennar was a Welsh poet and academic.
  • Also, there is Rhys Meirion who is a Welsh opera and classical singer.

How to Pronounce Meirion

How to pronounce Meirion is May-rhy-ahn. It is similar in pronunciation to the name Marion.


Meirion could be the perfect name if you’re looking for a name that is unique, traditional, and masculine. Also Feminine alternatives for the name Meirion include Meirien and Meirina.

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Meaning of the Name Medwyn

Medwyn is a Welsh boy’s name. The meaning of Medwyn translates as “strong friend”.

Variants of the Name

Variants of the name Medwyn include Medwin, Medwynne, Maden, Matyn, Medwenne, and Medwinn.

Medwyn’s Popularity

Despite the wide-ranging variation in the name, Medwyn placed nowhere within the 100 most popular names in the last census of 2014.
Famous or Important People with the Name Medwyn

Famous People with the Name Medwyn

Below are several people, real or fictional, with this particular name:

  • Saint Medwyn. A Welsh saint whose feast day falls on January 1st.
  • Medwyn Williams MBE FNVS. An 11-time Welsh winner of Chelsea Flower Show’s gold medal for his vegetables.
  • Medwyn Goodall. A New Age musician with over 75 albums to his name.
  • Terence “Terry” Cameron Medwin. An former Welsh footballer under the position of winger.
  • Cameron Medwin. A Canadian footballer under the position of defender.
  • Michael Hugh Medwin OBE. An English thespian and film producer.
  • Medwyn is the name of a character within Lloyd Alexander’s “Chronicles of Prydain,” as well as the name of that character’s valley homeland.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Cledwyn

The name Cledwyn means rough or blessed and the origin of Cledwyn is from the Welsh language. In the far north of Wales, there is a river named the River Elwy. The River Cledwyn is a part of this river only a bit further north.

Popularity of Cledwyn

According to the Welsh government, in 2014, the name Cledwyn did not make the top 100 list for popular baby boy names. It is more of an uncommon name and therefore many people may ask how to pronounce Cledwyn. It is pronounced as ‘KLED-win’.

Pet form of the Name

Cled is the abbreviated of the name Cledwyn.

Famous People with the First Name

Although the popularity of Cledwyn isn’t enough to make a top 100 list, there are certainly famous individuals who have shared that name. One of the most famous men who bore this name was Cledwyn Hughes also known as Baron Cledwyn of Penrhos. He was a labour politician in Wales during the 20th century and was also known for his affiliation with the University of Wales.

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What does the Name Gwyn Mean?

In Welsh, the meaning of Gwyn, has many defining adjectives. Here are just a few of them. “White,” “fair-haired,” “beauty,” and “blessed”.

Also, in Welsh, when speaking of the masculine when Gwyn comes at the end of the name, the ‘G’ is normally dropped. Like so, Caerwyn, Aelwyn, or may also be written as Gwyn, or Gwynfor.

How Popular is the name Gwyn

In the twenty-first century, Gwyn, has lost all of it’s popularity it once had. So much so Gwyn is not in the top 100 baby boys’ names in Wales in 2014. This is amazing, especially if you are searching for a name with unique, and uncommon qualities.

How Popular is the name Gwyn

Usually celebrities have a talent for notoriety, and increasing the popularity of Gwyn, however, it is doubtful that musician Gwyn Ashton, has exactly cracked the code on this one. However, you might have thought that the former Welsh rugby captain Gwyn Jones might have had a positive affect on the name’s popularity.

Calling your Baby Gwyn

If you are into beautiful meanings, and possibilities of back story, the name Gwyn, is a great beginning for that. Your son will certainly love to indulge his friends and classmates with all the various meanings of his name. Great for a show and tell project, idea. He could introduce himself as “the holy Gwyn.” Using that as his jumping off point before going into all the neat history and beauty behind his name.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Wyn

Wyn is a boy Welsh name, and the name is derived from the name Gwyn, and so the meaning of Wyn is “white” and “blessed”.


The name Wyn was not in the top 100 baby boys names in Wales during in 2014 according the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Although Wyn is not currently in the top 100 baby names you’ll often find someone with Wyn as a middle name.

Variation in the Name

There are also a few spelling variants such as Wynn and Wynne.

Famous People Called Wyn

There are a few famous people called Wyn, such as: Alun Wyn Jones the Welsh international rugby player, Ieuan Wyn Jones the former Plaid Cymru leader and Wyn Calvin the Welsh Entertainer. Other popular people with this name include:

  • Wyn Roberts, a Welsh Conservative politician (Baron Roberts of Conwy )
  • Wyn Davies  a Welsh conductor
  • Wyn Cooper (an American poet)


A powerful name, Wyn has been used for many years and is a name that has been passed down in some Welsh families for generations, holding the legacy of great men, and this name comes with the hope that their son’s will be as great as their forefathers.

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Meaning and Origin of Alan

The name Alan is derived from the name Alun.  The meaning of Alan is “masculine” and the usage is Welsh.

The name Alan was brought to England during the Norman Conquest.  Although the etymology is not quite certain, we do know that Alan is a Celtic name.

Alan is also derived from Proto-Celtic “alouno” which means either “nourishing” or “wandering”. The name did gain popularity in modern times when it was adopted by a 19th-century Welsh poet named John Blackwell.


The popularity of Alan is different throughout the world. In the country of Poland, Alan is ranked number 24 while in the Netherlands, Alan is ranked number 288th.

Famous People Called Alan

Some very famous and well-known people are named Alan.

Alan Turing is a famous Alan
Alan Turing is a famous Alan

Famous Alans include Alan Rickman, Alan Carr, Alan Davies, Alan Shepard, and Alan Turing who is famous in history for his work breaking the German Enigma code.

This was also the name of an early Welsh saint and several dukes of Brittany. There were also a few Noble Prize Winners named Alan. Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Alan Mac Diarmid, and Alan Heeger were among the list to receive this prestigious award.

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Origin and Meaning of the Name Dyfed

The name Dyfed is a name that is usually given to males. The name origins of Dyfed are Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Dyfed means “from Dyfed”.

Dyfed is an actual location. It’s a county located in western Wales. It used to be titled: Kingdom of Dyfed. Dyfed the county was originally named based off a former title the land was dubbed by Irish Deisi. The area is actually now known as Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Location of Dyfed in Wales
The Old County of Dyfed in Wales

The name Dyfed may also be a different version for Daffyd. Daffyd is the Welsh name for David. David is biblical and of Hebrew origin. The name David means “beloved”, so by extension Dyfed may also mean “beloved” if it does originate from the name David.


The name is not very popular in the world. It’s not on the top one hundred boy’s names in Wales. It’s actually most common a name for males in Ireland over any other country, although Wales is a close second. In the United States less than five boys were given the name Dyfed in 2014.

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