Meaning of Cayo

This is a variation of the Welsh name Caio (or Caeo) which originates from a small town in Carmarthenshire which is nicknamed “Garden of Wales”.

Popularity of Cayo

Cayo was never very popular until 2015, so prior to it wasn’t in the top 100 Welsh baby names. The name Cayo for male babies hasn’t ever made the top 2000 names either. The name was more a last name for families more than use as a first name.

Famous people with the name Cayo

The Pub Cayo Arms in Cardiff
The Pub Cayo Arms in Cardiff

We have a few notable individuals with the surname Cayo from Welsh descent. Julian is a famous political activist while John a mathematician.

  • Julian Cayo-Evans political activist
  • John Cayo-Evans famous mathematician
  • The Cayo Arms Public House in Cardiff named after the Welsh political activist Cayo Evans.


Cayo is from the Welsh language which derives from the town of Carmarthenshire. Other Welsh variations of Cayo is Caeo and Caio. Cayo was more popular as a family name than the first name. We have a few popular individual with the name Cayo listed above.

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