Meaning and Origin of the Name Ceri

Ceri is a unisex name which is used more commonalty as a boy’s name. The meaning of Ceri has its origin from the Welsh word, ‘caru’ that meaning “to love”.


The name  was not among the 100 most popular baby boys’ names in 2012.

History of the Name Ceri

Ceri (or in English spelt Kerry) is the name of a place in the county of Powys  in Wales. There is also a St. Michael’s Church of Kerry located in the diocese of St. Asaph, which is located in North East Wales.

Famous People with the Name

Some well-known people (especially sports people) have the name Ceri and include:

  • Ceri Jones: A former Harlequin rugby player who is now a Scrum coach at Worcester Warriors, where he also formerly played. 
  • Ceri Sweeney: A union footballer for the Exeter Chiefs and Wales.
  • Ceri Morgan: A retired darts player who reached the world semi-finals in 1982.
  • Ceri Thomas: A British Journalist and media executive. He was appointed as Acting Deputy Director of News in 2012.

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