Meaning and Origin of the Name Cledwyn

The name Cledwyn means rough or blessed and the origin of Cledwyn is from the Welsh language. In the far north of Wales, there is a river named the River Elwy. The River Cledwyn is a part of this river only a bit further north.

Popularity of Cledwyn

According to the Welsh government, in 2014, the name Cledwyn did not make the top 100 list for popular baby boy names. It is more of an uncommon name and therefore many people may ask how to pronounce Cledwyn. It is pronounced as ‘KLED-win’.

Pet form of the Name

Cled is the abbreviated of the name Cledwyn.

Famous People with the First Name

Although the popularity of Cledwyn isn’t enough to make a top 100 list, there are certainly famous individuals who have shared that name. One of the most famous men who bore this name was Cledwyn Hughes also known as Baron Cledwyn of Penrhos. He was a labour politician in Wales during the 20th century and was also known for his affiliation with the University of Wales.

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