Common Welsh Boys Names

Common Welsh Boys Names

In this page we examine the how common Welsh boys names are and how they have changed over the last 100 years in England and Wales. We will also see how Welsh boys names have become more common today than they were in 1904.

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In 1904 there were only 3 Welsh boys names in the top 100 names in England in Wales, Alan being the highest placed in 62nd position.:

  • Alan
  • Owen
  • Evan

In 1994, now there were 6 Welsh names in the top 100 names in England in Wales, with Lewis being the 22nd most popular name. Owen was the only name that survived from 1904:

In the last official figures from the National Statistic Office in 2010, Wales still had 6 names in the top names in England and Wales but it now had Dylan being the most popular name in 16th position and Lewis being relegated to 27th position.

  • Dylan
  • Lewis
  • Owen
  • Rhys
  • Evan
  • Reece

See our page on Welsh Boys Names for the meaning and description of these common Welsh boys names and if your looking to choose a Welsh boys name for your baby see our random name generator.

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