Boy’s Name Dai

Dai is a common Welsh boy’s name particularly in the South Wales valleys. We’ll discover the meanings of this name, its popularity and famous people called Dai.

Meaning of Dai

Dai is normally a pet form of the name David or the Welsh name Dafydd.


Dai is not in the 100 top Welsh baby boy’s names in 2011 but often people are officially named David or Dafydd but are more commonly known as Dai to their friends and family.

Famous People

Here is our list of famous Welsh sporting people called Dai:

  • Dai Greene – is an international Welsh runner who was the captain of the British athletic team during the London Olympics in 2012.
  • Dai Young – was a Welsh international rugby player and now coaches.
  • Dai Davies – was a professional footballer who played for Wales and Swansea city.

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