Meaning and Origin of Darren

The name Darren did not gain in popularity until the 20th century when the American television show “Bewitched” began to show. Once the show became popular so did the name Darren.

Darren actually means ‘great’ in the Gaelic language. The meaning of Darren says it all. Great. For those that wish their sons to have good strong names, you can’t beat the name Darren.


Darren’s popularity as a name remains strong though out the world. Many people feel that the name says it all when they decide to give it to their son. If you look at census charts through out the world Darren’s popularity has remained on a steady rise. It wasn’t until approximately 10 years ago that the popularity of the name hasn’t changed as much.

Possible Name Combinations

Some good combinations when thinking of using Darren as the first name are; Darren Michael, Darren Thomas, Darren Lee, Darren Jacob Alan (that’s right be different and go with three names), how about Darren Philip. Because of the character of the strength Darren, it makes one of the best first names around today.

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