Dewi is one of the most famous Welsh boy’s names around because it is the name of the Patron Saint of Wales, Dewi Sant (or Saint David in English) who has his national day on March 1st.  On this page we’ll see the meaning of the name, its popularity and prominent people called Dewi.


Dewi is one of the Welsh names for the name David.


Dewi is a popular boys name and it’s hard to believe that Dewi is not currently in the top 100 baby boy’s names in Wales (data from ONS).

Famous People with the Name Dewi

Here’s our list of people with the first name Dewi:

  • Dewi Sant – The Patron Saint for Wales.
  • Dewi Pws – A Welsh actor and comedian.
  • Dewi-Prys Thomas – Was a famous Welsh architect who had a strong influence on Welsh town planning.
  • Dewi Morris – Was an English rugby international who played in the scrum half position.

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