Discover the Welsh Name Morgan

The Boy’s Name Morgan

The boy’s name Morgan is a popular name in Wales and also across the the globe. According to the Office of National Statistics in 2011 Morgan was the 29th most popular baby boy’s name in Wales. In Wales it is common to hear Morgan both as a first name and also as a surname.

The name Morgan is also found in the Welsh place, Morgannwg (the county of Glamorgan in English).

Meaning of the Name Morgan

The meaning of the name Morgan is broken down into two words, M^or (which means sea in Welsh) and Mawr (which means big (or bright) in Welsh).

Famous People with the Name Morgan

Here are a few examples of famous people who have the name Morgan:

  • Morgan Freeman – An American actor and director who has starred in many Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Rhodri Morgan – Was the 1st Minister in the National Assembly of Wales.
  • Morgan Tsvangirai – Is the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

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