Meaning and Origin of the Name Dyfan

Dyfan is a boy’s name that of uniquely Welsh origin. The meaning of Dyfan translates into Welsh as “day” or “constant.”


Despite the fact that the name Dyfan is similar to the Greek name “Damon,” neither of these names have been very popular as of late; after assessing the latest census for the boys named Dyfan and finding the name nowhere among the top hundred names, the disparate popularity of Dyfan as a boy’s name makes it quite an uncommon, noteworthy first name.

Famous People with the first name Dyfan

Famous, Important or Otherwise Notable People, Real or Fictional, Bearing the Name “Dyfan”

Below are several people who were given this particular name:

  • St. Dyfan is an early saint of the Catholic Church whose martyrdom in A.D. 180 inspired the southern township of Merthyr Dyfan to name itself after him. Edward Williams is responsible for the confusion between St. Dyfan and St. Deruvian.
  • Dyfan Dwyfor is a Criccieth-born actor of stage and screen who has performed in productions like “Rownd a Rownd,” “Oed yr Addewid,” “I Know You Know,” and several plays under the RSC. He was also the recipient of the Richard Burton Award from 2004’s National Eisteddfod.

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