Origin and Meaning of the Name Dyfed

The name Dyfed is a name that is usually given to males. The name origins of Dyfed are Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Dyfed means “from Dyfed”.

Dyfed is an actual location. It’s a county located in western Wales. It used to be titled: Kingdom of Dyfed. Dyfed the county was originally named based off a former title the land was dubbed by Irish Deisi. The area is actually now known as Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Location of Dyfed in Wales
The Old County of Dyfed in Wales

The name Dyfed may also be a different version for Daffyd. Daffyd is the Welsh name for David. David is biblical and of Hebrew origin. The name David means “beloved”, so by extension Dyfed may also mean “beloved” if it does originate from the name David.


The name is not very popular in the world. It’s not on the top one hundred boy’s names in Wales. It’s actually most common a name for males in Ireland over any other country, although Wales is a close second. In the United States less than five boys were given the name Dyfed in 2014.

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