Origin and Meaning of the Name Dyfri

The name Dyfri is of Welsh origins and is traditionally a boy’s name. The meaning of Dyfri is black water or, simply, water. Dyfri is pronounced DUWVRiy and has a classic, historic ring to it. If you are looking for an unusual but strong baby boy’s name, the Dyfri name is not one you are going to hear everyday.


The popularity of Dyfri is low as the latest statistics from the government (2015) do not include it in the top 100 names. Because of this, naming your little boy Dyfri will definitely make him a unique individual. If you do ever hear this name, it will most commonly be in English-speaking countries.

Famous People Called Dyfri

Famous people with this special name include Dyfri Williams, a British archaeologist, researcher, and author. His main fields of study are Greek vases and classical art. The name also lends itself to a local ministry area in southern Wales.

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