Origin of the Name Elfyn

The name Elfyn is a Welsh derivation of the Anglo-Saxon name AElfwine, and comes from a time when belief in elves, goblins and other earth spirits were strong.

A tale set in the sixth century mentions a man named Elfyn, also spelled as Elffin or Elphin. He holds a place in legend as a cursed Welsh prince who rescues a child from the sea. The child becomes Taliesin the Bard, who repays Elfyn’s kindness with prophecies of fortune and victory.

Meaning of Elfyn

Although spellings differ, the meaning of Elfyn is the same. It means “elf friend” or “friend of the elves.” Broken down in Old English the name is AElf, which means “elf,” and Wine, which means “friend.”

Popularity and Famous People Called Elfyn

Once a common name, the popularity of Elfyn has waned since the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Elfyn does not appear on the list of top baby names compiled by the  Welsh government in 2014.

However, many famous people have been named Elfyn, including Welsh politician Elfyn Llwyd; British rally driver Elfyn Evans; professor Elfyn Richards, founder of the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research; and Welsh TV presenter Bethan Elfyn.

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