Elgan For A Baby Name

Elgan is a welsh name mainly used in European countries. The popularity of Elgan has not been so much for many years, but as people search for new an interesting names Elgan is in for a comeback. The meaning of Elgan is “Bright Circle”. Elgan has a nice positive sound for a boys name.

Popularity of Elgan

Elgan was not been in the 100 top Welsh boys names in 2016.

Famous People Called Elgan

There are several famous people named Elgan. Elgan Rees, age 64 now is a famous Welsh rugby union player. He got his first Wales cap in 1979. Mike Elgan is an American journalist. He was the chief editor of Windows Magazine. He has also written many important articles for magazines such as Forbes. Elgan Thomas is a young Welsh Tenor. Young Elgan Jones played for the Cardiff U21s team. He set many records while playing for the team.

The name Elgan is a great name for a baby you hope to be bright, positive, and have a sunny influence on the world. He will share his name with several successful Elgans that have made their mark in the world.

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