Meaning of the Name Emrys

Emrys (pronounced EM-riss) is a strong Welsh boys name with an extensive historical background. Saint Ambrose is said to have influenced the introduction of the name Emrys and in fact Ambrose and Emrys are often referred to as equivalents. The meaning of Emrys and Ambrose both refer to the Greek word “ambrosios” meaning “immortal.”

Historical People with the Name

Historical figures and characters of legend carry the Emrys name, among them: Emrys ap Iwan, a literary critic who became famous for his contributions to Welsh Nationalism, Emrys Hughes, an important Welsh Labour Politician and the character Merlin, the great wizard of Arthurian legend. While the name Emrys has many historical and exalted ties, the popularity of Emrys has waned.

Historical People with the Name

As of 2013, Emrys has not made the top 100 most popular baby boy’s name in Wales, according to the latest government statistics. Emrys is a name that speaks to the history and the legacy of the Welsh people as well as highlights legends that have entertained and taught Welsh people for centuries.

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