Emyr is a charming Welsh boy’s name. This name is composed of 2 syllables Em-yr and it’s fairly easy for the non Welsh speaker to pronounce.

Meaning of Emyr

Emyr is a variant of the name Ynyr and it means ‘emperor’ or ‘king’ in Welsh.


In the study of baby boys’ names in 2012 Emyr was not in the 100 most popular Welsh names.

Famous People

Here is our list of famous people from Wales with the first name Emyr:

Although the Emyr name is not all that popular, their some men who have made the best out their name. Welsh Author, poet, and novelist Emyr Humphreys published over twenty novels and was awarded many times for his work. Humphreys also become a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature during his years of writing. Another familiar name is Emyr Lewis a international Rugby player who obtained forty one caps between the years of nineteen ninety one and nineteen ninety six. Sir Emyr Jones Perry retired a British Diplomat and is a former British Permanent Representative to the United Nations and NATO.

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