History of the Name Eurion

The name Eurion is a name that has been used as a surname as well as a masculine name. There is a feminine version of the name Eurion, Euriona. Eurion is also the name of a famous constellation in Japan. It has been associated with Omron rings since 1996.

Eurion is mostly used in Welsh speaking nations. Euro, a form of Eurion, is used for bank notes in Great Britain. Eurion is seen as form of measurement in the skull. There is right eurion and left eurion.

Meaning of Eurion

The meaning of Eurion is Welsh for gold.

Popularity of Eurion

Going back to popular boys names in Wales, Eurion has not made the charts as far back as 1996.

How to Pronounce Eurion

Eye- RIY-aaN is how to pronounce Eurion. Eurion can also be pronounced eu- ri-on or Your E Ahn. Your Ryan, Ore E Ahn,E E an are three other ways to pronounce Eurion depending the area the name is used.

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