Origin of the Name Gerallt

The name Gerallt, a Welsh form of Gerald, was brought to Britain by the Normands.

The name Gerallt died out in the middle ages, although Ireland continued to use the name. In Wales and England the name revived in the 19th century. Half as many people, 31 percent, have used Gerallt as a surname.

Meaning of Gerallt

Gerallt is a variation of the name Gerald and is from the Germanic origin. The meaning of Gerallt is a masculine name that means ruler of the spear.

Popularity of Gerallt

The popularity of Gerallt had experienced many major highs and lows. The resurgence of popularity in England during the late 1880s was short-lived when it began to plummet.

Less than five boys are now named Gerallt. More than 5O percent of the population of the UK don’t consider this a good name. In fact, Gerallt ranks 106,399 in United Kingdom popular names.

Famous People Named Gerallt

Gerallt Lloyd Owen was a writer and Welsh language poet who was born in 1944 in Wales. He is known for writing the book Avon about childhood. Owen won the 1992 Wales Book of the year. He also won the 2002 Glyndmwar Award for Literature.

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