Meaning and Origin of the Name Gerwyn

Gerwy is a boy’s name hailing from the Welsh and German languages. The proper pronunciation of Gerwyn is G-eh-r-w-y-n and the Welsh meaning of Gerwyn translates as “rough and white.” Despite the fact that the name Gerwyn is similar to the Dutch name “Gerwin,” it does not seem to be a very popular name. The popularity of Gerwyn as a name made it nowhere among the 100 most popular Welsh boy names of the 2015 census.

Famous or Important People with the Name “Gerwyn”

Below are several people, real or fictional, with this particular name:

  • Gerwyn Capon was ordained in the Church of Wales in 2014 and has served as Dean of Llandaff Cathedral since 2014.
  • William Gerwyn Edwards is a left-handed cricketer from Carmarthenshire who made it to the international level in 1979.
  • Gerwyn Price made a name for himself in the sports of darts and rugby.
  • Gerwyn Williams was a Glyncorrwg native who dedicated himself to the sport of rugby as a player, coach and author of four books on the subject. He also served in the Royal Navy during World War II.

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