Glyn is a simple but lovely Welsh boy’s name. The name can both be used as a first name but also a last name. Discover the name the wonders of the name Glyn.

Meaning and Origin of the Name

Glyn is a boys names that is short form of the Welsh name Glynd^wr. It is also reported that Glyn is the Welsh equivalent to the Scottish name Glen. Glyn is also the Welsh word of ‘valley’.

Popularity of Glyn

The name has been a popular name over the centuries however according to the latest UK government statistics Glyn is not in the 100 most popular boys’ names in Wales in 2012.

Famous People called Glyn

  • Glyn Wise – was a celebrity on the TV show Big Brother and more recently has been a presenter on the Welsh language radio station Radio Cymru.
  • Glyn Pardoe – was an English footballer who played in defence for Manchester City.
  • Glyn Jones – was a Welsh international footballer who played in goals.

Variations of the Name


Useful Resources

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