Meaning of the Welsh Name Griff

The Welsh boy name Griff comes from the Welsh boy name Gruffudd.

The meaning of Griff and Gruffudd is “the lords strong grip”. Gruffudd is from the foundation of the name Griffith.

Griff and Gruffudd is not a very popular name and not in the top 100 Welsh .

Famous People with the Name Griff

Griff Rhys Jones is a famous Welsh “comedian, writer, and actor.” Griff also presents various television programs. Jones became popular with his comedy routines in the 1980s. Jones and a partner had established a “television production company”, and Jones had established another “production company”. Jones is known for his presentations on TV.

Griff Whalen is a football player is America that went to Stanford college for his football career. He plays the position as a wide receiver for the football team Indianapolis Colts. Griff Whalen presents himself as a “free agent”, and when he had been drafted onto the Indianapolis Colts team he had been considered an “undrafted free agent”.

Griff Rowland is a director and also a producer. He has performed TV productions and has directed with TV shows and video games. Rowland has involved his work in multiple genres such as drama, action, family and four other genres.

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