History of the Name Gruffudd

The Gruffudd name is a Welsh boy’s name that’s an old form of the name Griffith. It is pronounced “GRUF fith.” Variant spellings of the name include “Griffin,” “Gruffud,” and “Gruffydd.” Gruffudd evolved from the names Gripuid and Grippiud, and it was the ancestor of some names like Gruffydd.

People with the Name Gruffudd

The name dates back to at least the Middle Ages. The Welsh prince, Llywelyn the Great, had a son named Gruffudd (or Gruffydd) ap Llywelyn (1198 – 1244), with ap meaning “son of.” Gruffydd ap Rhys (c. 1081 – 1137) was a prince who ruled Deheubarth and fought the Normans. Gruffudd and its variants were common names among medieval Welsh royalty.

Gruffudd and its variants are still sometimes used today. Gruffudd Glyn, for example, is an actor who has performed in “Thor: The Dark World” and “The Theory of Everything.” He will also be in an upcoming movie called “The Martian.”
The meaning of Gruffudd is “prince” or “strong lord.” Some say it also means “red-haired.”


The popularity of Gruffudd is low; the variant Gruffyd is the 882nd most popular boy’s name in the UK. In 2007, Gruffudd was the 11497th most popular name in Australia. In 2013 it wasn’t in the top 100 Welsh baby boys’ names.

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