The Origin and Meaning Of The Boy’s Name Guto

The boy’s name Guto is of Welsh origin. The meaning of Guto is “strong chief.” Guto is commonly used as a boy’s name. It includes 4 letters as well as 2 syllables, Guto is announced Gu-to. Guto has generated from the Welsh name of Gruffydd.

Popularity of Guto

In the United States recorded in 2014 less than 6 boys were given the name. The popularity of Guto and usage of Guto is in the 57% range for first names and 43% for surnames. Guto being used as a first name was located 48 times in a total of 7 distinct countries. The family name was found to be used 36 times in at minimum 10 countries.

The popularity of the name Guto has dropped through the years, statistics babies per million is in 1996, 92 babies, in the year 1997 there were 17 babies, in 1998 12 babies, 2001 4 babies on record and in 2014 the number of babies born with Guto was just 7 babies.

Famous Gutos

Some famous people in history that are well noted that have had the name Guto are Guto Dafydd Pryce, Guto Harri, Guto Pryderi Puw. Some renown writers are Guto Evans, Guto Lins, Guto Roberts, Guto’r Glyn and Dafydd Guto Ifan.

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