Origin of the Boy’s Name Gwilym

The name Gwilym is of Welsh descent, originating from the European country of Wales.

The Gwilym name is a first name given to predominantly males, but serves as a last name to both the male and female gender.

How to pronounce the name Gwilym?

Gwilym pronunciation is usually pronounced with 2 syllables, i.e [ gwi-lym, gw-il-ym ].


While the global popularity of Gwilym is by no means widespread, as names like “John” or “Peter”, in fact, in 2015, the name “Gwilym” was listed outside the 1000 most popular names in the world. While the name Gwilym is rather unpopular and fairly rare, its french and english variants are quite popular themselves. The french name “Guillaume”, and the english name “William”, the variations of Gwilym, are both popular names in both their respective countries, and around the world.

Famous Gwilyms

The meaning of Gwilym is “Protector” or one who holds resolute and absolute protection. i.e Gwilym Goncwerwr, or as the English call him, William the Conqueror.
There are a few highly esteemed and well accomplished individuals with the name Gwilym. Gwilym Hugh Lewis, Wing Commander, and British flying ace during World War 1, Gwilym Simcock, a British pianist and jazz/classical music composer, whom the Evening Standard, a prominent London newspaper, listed as one of the 1000 Most Influential People in London, and the renowned, Bristol born, Gwilym Lee, an award winning actor, who won both the 2008, and the 2011 Ian Charleson Award for his performance in Oedipus (2008), and King Lear (2010).

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