Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwion

Gwion comes from the name Gwyn, and the meaning of Gwyn is “fair” and “holy.” This is a name that is not too popular, but that only makes it stand out all the more.

Popularity of the Name Gwion

Gwion is an Welsh boy name that is unique in its spelling and pronunciation. It is a simple and special name, and it was not one of the most popular names in 2015, not making the top 100 list.

Famous People with the Name

The most famous Gwion was from the early Brythonic poet Taliesin and specifically in the Welsh book Hanes Taliesin (Taliesin’s history).

The popularity of Gwion was never too high, but there are a few notable people who have been given the name. One of the most famous people with the name Gwion is Gwion Edwards, a young English footballer. And Gwion John Williams is an actor.


The name has a unique spelling and look to it, and it was used as the first name for a famous footballer. It is also a name that everyone who likes “The Life Of Taliesin The Bard” will like because it is in that story and will hold special meaning for them.

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