What does the Name Gwyn Mean?

In Welsh, the meaning of Gwyn, has many defining adjectives. Here are just a few of them. “White,” “fair-haired,” “beauty,” and “blessed”.

Also, in Welsh, when speaking of the masculine when Gwyn comes at the end of the name, the ‘G’ is normally dropped. Like so, Caerwyn, Aelwyn, or may also be written as Gwyn, or Gwynfor.

How Popular is the name Gwyn

In the twenty-first century, Gwyn, has lost all of it’s popularity it once had. So much so Gwyn is not in the top 100 baby boys’ names in Wales in 2014. This is amazing, especially if you are searching for a name with unique, and uncommon qualities.

How Popular is the name Gwyn

Usually celebrities have a talent for notoriety, and increasing the popularity of Gwyn, however, it is doubtful that musician Gwyn Ashton, has exactly cracked the code on this one. However, you might have thought that the former Welsh rugby captain Gwyn Jones might have had a positive affect on the name’s popularity.

Calling your Baby Gwyn

If you are into beautiful meanings, and possibilities of back story, the name Gwyn, is a great beginning for that. Your son will certainly love to indulge his friends and classmates with all the various meanings of his name. Great for a show and tell project, idea. He could introduce himself as “the holy Gwyn.” Using that as his jumping off point before going into all the neat history and beauty behind his name.

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