Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwynfor

Looking for a unique boys name and one that didn’t make the top 100 list of popular boy names in Wales? How does Gwynfor sound? It’s a Welsh name and the name Gwynfor means great and white.
Gwynfor’s meaning is from the Welsh element gwyn. Gwyn means light, fair, and blessed. It is combined with mawr which means great and large. Wynfor is a variation of Gwynfor as is Gwyn.

Attributes of the Name

It is said that boys named Gwynfor are pleasant and possess a quiet strength. He is sensitive and helpful, but can also be demanding, obsessive and a bit of a perfectionist.
Jobs that he may be suited for are jobs with travel, law and justice, and even the arts.

Famous People Called Gwynfor

Some famous people with the name Gwynfor include:
  • Gwynfor Evans -He was a Welsh politician, lawyer, author and was the leader of the Welsh political party Plaid Cymru. He was also their first politician to become a Member of Parliament.
  • Gwynfor James Williams  – He is a former rugby union player player.
  • There is also Gwynfor Jones. He is another athlete, a former Welsh footballer.


Gwynfor isn’t a popular name and is mainly only used in Wales, though some other countries have used the name, but it is definitely unique and is sure to stand out as a strong boy’s name.

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