Historic Welsh Boys Names

As its Saint David’s Day (the National Saint of Wales) we’ve decided to produce a list of Historic Welsh Boy’s Names, ideal if you are looking for a Welsh baby’s name:

  • Dewi – the National Saint of Wales
  • Arthur – the famous King Arthur, the protector of Britain and folklaw legend.
  • Llywelyn – this welsh boys name linked with being the true Prince of Wales –  ‘Llywelyn the Great’ and ‘Llywelyn the Last’. This name is associated with Welsh leaders.
  • Aneurin – after Aneurin Bevan the founder of the National Health Service in Britain.
  • Owain – and last but not least Owain after Owain Glyn D^wr who was a Welsh warrior who confronted the oppressive power of the English. He was the last native Welsh Prince of Wales who formed the 1st Welsh Government.

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