Name Iestyn

Iestyn is a popular Welsh baby name.

Meaning of the Name

Iestyn originates from the Latin name Jutinus. The English equivalent of the name is Justin.

Iestyn Pronunciation

The boy’s name Iestyn can be pronounced as ‘Yes-Tin’.


Iestyn is the 75th most popular baby’s name in Wales and it is the 13th most popular Welsh baby’s name in Wales.

Famous People Called Iestyn

Here is a brief list of some famous people with the first name Iestyn:

  • Iestyn Harris – was a Welsh rugby league and union player.
  • Iestyn Davies – is a British classical singer
  • Iestyn Jones – is a Welsh actor who has appeared in the TV series Stella, Pobol y Cwm and High Hopes.


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