Ioan Name

Ioan is a Welsh boy’s name and it is well known throughout the World. The name has been made popular especially by the celebrity Ioan Gruffudd.

Meaning of Ioan

Ioan is the Welsh name for John.

Popularity of Ioan

Ioan is the 61st most common baby boy’s name in Wales in 2011 making it the 14th most popular Welsh baby’s name.

Pronunciation of Ioan

Ioan is pronounced as YO-an.

Famous People

Here is a list of a few people with the 1st name Ioan. If you know any more famous people called Ioan please post your comments below:

  • Ioan Gruffudd – is a Hollywood A-List actor who has starred in many blockbusters including the Titanic, Black Hawk Down and The Fantastic Four.
  • Ioan Meredith – is a Welsh actor who has mainly worked on television productions.


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You might also be interested in the name Iwan which is a similar Welsh name to Ioan.

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