The Boy’s Name Lewis

The name Lewis is a Welsh male’s name and can be found both as a first-name and also as a surname. The name can also be spelt as Lewys.

The Welsh name Llywelyn has also been the Anglicised to Lewis.

Meaning of the the Name Lewis

The name Lewis originates from the French name Louis.

Popularity of the Name

Lewis is the 39th most popular baby’s name in England and Wales in the latest government statistics. In 2010 it was more popular in 27th position.

Famous People with the name Lewis

The following famous people have Lewis as their first name:

  • Lewis Hamilton – is British formula 1 racing car driver.
  • Lewis Carroll – an author who wrote ‘Alice in Wonderland

The following famous people have Lewis as their surname:

  • Sunders Lewis – Welsh poet, historian and Welsh language supporter.
  • John Lewis – a large department store in the UK.

Other Names

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