Meaning of the name Llŷr

King Lear originated from the name Llŷr
The name (Lear) from King Lear originated from the name Llŷr

The name Llŷr is a Welsh name usually for a male or boy, it also has Irish and Celtic roots.

There are a number of meanings provided for the name Llŷr;  the most common meaning of Llŷr, coming from the Welsh and it translates to “of the sea” and an other possible meaning from the Irish tradition is “a mythical king”.

How to Pronounce Llŷr?

The phonetic pronunciation is L-l-ee-r-h (LEER).

It consists of Welsh two letters not in the English:

  • Ll – as in the start of popular Welsh places like Llanelli or Llandaf
  • ŷ – the ‘to bach’ (little roof) extends the vowel (y)

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Llŷr is extremely low making this an uncommon name.

Famous People with the Name

  • It has been stated that Llŷr, was the influence for Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” the spelling was changed.
  • The mythology of Llŷr has him listed as a God in the Celtic and Welsh mythologies respectively. In both cultures the stories of Llŷr have him associated with being a God of the sea. The mythical Llŷr had a number of children; they were Bran, Manawyddan and a daughter named Branwen. He is also stated as being the father of the powers of darkness who battled the children of the Goddess Don, her children were the powers of light. The Stories of Llŷr’s children can be found in the Mabinogi, located in the second and third branch.

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