Why should I name my son Madog

For someone that is looking for the perfect Welsh name for their young son, there is no better name than the name Madog. Rich in Welsh history (see famous people called Madog) this name Madog means is beneficent, which means generous or doing good.

The name Madog does hold a different meaning in Welsh than it does in other Gaelic countries. In Gaelic languages, the meaning of Madog is the pet of Aodh, who was the Celtic God of Fire and Irish God of the Underworld. So, either way, there is a great significance to the name.

Variations of the Name

Madoc is a common variation of the name Madog.

Popularity of the Name

When it comes to the Wales, UK or even the US the popularity of Madog, is not even registering as having any popularity data associated with it, which would mean that it is considered a very unique name.

As you would imaging in Welsh or Gaelic based countries, the name Madog holds more popularity than elsewhere. The most likely countries to be able to find these names used more commonly are Ireland and Wales.

Famous People Called Madog

  • Madog ap Llywelyn was a distant relative of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd the last native Prince of Wales. In the 13th Century Madog was a Welsh leader against the English occupation.
  • Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, was a Welsh prince and according to folk law Madog sailed to America years before Christopher Columbus .
  • Madoc ap Uthyr was King Arthur’s brother and son of Uther Pendragon.

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