Meaning and Origin of the Name Maelor

Maelor is a Welsh name that has several different meanings. It means masculine and individual. The meaning of Maelor has several definitions. It means self, active, leadership, initiative, and assertive. It is a name often given to Welsh boys as a first name.

Another meaning that the name Maelor means is a part of Clwyd. Clywd is a county in Wales. It is located in the northwest. The northern coast is supported by the tourism industry in Clywd. Clywd has many historical castles, churches, gardens, historic homes, and forts. It is located near the scenic Irish Sea and River Clwyd that flows through the county. Other industries that support the economy are agriculture and mining.

Traits of People Called Maelor

When used as a first name Maelor means the person enjoys the finer things in life and enjoys debating and talking. He is self sufficient and does not depend on others for encouragement. Maelor means an inventive and creative person that likes to solve practical problems and is motivated by new ideas and projects.


Although Maelor is an established baby name it is not in the top 100 Welsh boys’ names in Wales during 2015.

Famous People Called Maelor

  • Gruffydd Maelor I – was a Welsh prince (of Powys Fadog) back in the 12th century.
  • Maelor Hughes – is a singer and song writer.

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